About T7E

What we do...

T7E is currently partnering brands in the field of automotive to deliver innovative and cost-effective go-to-market solutions.

We are a new company, founded by experienced and like-minded professionals. Our earliest assignments have been challenging ones in the auto and sports verticals. T7E is also concurrently developing a proprietary and disruptive solution for the automotive aftermarket.

What makes us different...

  • holistic in Approach
  • Agile in Execution
  • Drive by Outcomes
We front-load investments of time and energy for new projects to ensure plans are detailed. This helps us identify the resources and skills required to deliver the objective very early. This holistic approach helps in seeking out necessary resources within or outside T7E to deliver the project.

Agile in Execution

Best of plans, when implemented, run up against ground realities that are not aligned with the original assumptions. When this happens, T7E’s philosophy of being agile, ensures its teams adapt quickly to new constraints and still realise the originally desired results or come really close to them!

Driven by Outcomes

In the end, delivery against promise is all that counts. What keeps T7E awake at night is ensuring this happens for all our assignments- be it for proprietary solutions or for what clients have entrusted us with.

Rajeev Radhakrishnan


Rajeev Radhakrishnan

Rajeev is an automotive aftermarket domain expert. He started his career with one of the largest automotive manufacturers in India and during his decade long stint with a leading multi-national lubricant brand, he gained deep experience across marketing, sales and strategy. Over the course of his career, Rajeev has spear-headed and implemented many large-scale multi-disciplinary marketing campaigns and brings in deep experience in conceptualising and delivering programs tailored for the automotive aftermarket industry. With a keen eye for top-line and bottom-line results, Rajeev can help you move the needle-whether it is on turnover or brand health.

Rajeev is a mechanical engineer from National Institute of Technology Trichy and an MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.